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Radiohead versus IPod / Fine tuning your brain for weight loss success.

Before I share with you my nutrition “secrets”, I would first like to expand a little bit further on the subject of preparing your brain in order to get maximum results, before heading into the weight loss process. My brain can be either a friend or a foe, it all depends on the level of commitment that I set myself for. This is very delicate stuff to deal with because my brain may not connect with my will and desires. The only way that I can set myself up for weight loss success is to have a perfectly tuned set of thoughts that will help me “sail” through my process. More often than not, my brain will act as my deal breaker, sending me negative messages such as: “I’m too tired” or, “I have the fat genes, I’ll never lose weight anyways” and maybe “The hell with it! I’ll start again next week!”

Think of your brain as an old transistor radio. This radio will broadcast anything that pleases it, not you. Do you have any power to change the station’s programming? That answer is simply no! You may change stations over and over and still, you’ll never have any control of what your radio wants to play. What I have decided to do is to toss that old radio into a garbage can and convert my brain into a beautiful IPod with unlimited gigabytes of storage capacity!

I program my IPod only with the music that pleases me the most, therefore I’m seizing back my power. I am currently in the process of reprogramming my brain to only serve me with the thoughts and intentions I need in order to succeed. I don’t let my brain act like a radio anymore. Instead I already made my playlist of the top 100 thoughts I want to feel everyday, from dusk till dawn. I make sure that the info I play with my cerebral IPod is filled with self-assurance, empowering thoughts and plenty of peaceful enlightenment.

Do this with me and let’s make sure we play this playlist with the endless loop on! And make sure to delete the thoughts that no longer serve you in an uplifting and inspiring way.

That body that I so much desire for myself is not sitting high above a mountaintop, nor it is inside this “undisclosed secured location”.

The body you want is always up for grabs, it is within you, always available. That body is you!

The only thing we have to do is to get rid of the excess.

My life (and yours) is in a constant process of improvement.  Let’s never underestimate the power of our own thoughts because our thoughts will set  us on the path to success. The food we eat and the exercise we do are also an important part for this equation so don’t get me wrong, we won’t achieve anything based on thoughts alone. Let me organize a simple “trilogy” so that we never forget how this process works. It should go like this:
1. Thoughts
2. Nutrition
3. Exercise

I prepared my thought process first and foremost; I turned off the radio and turned on my (mental) IPod. Again, I remind everyone that I didn’t make a big stink out of it and  I didn’t prepare a political pep rally before heading into my weight loss process. I kept it quite but acted diligently. If a Chef like me (a person that has to cook, read write and talk about food everyday) can do this, then so can you!

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